Best Time Visit to Humantay Lake

Cusco is a region that has spectacular tourist attractions such as the Humantay Lake.

The best time to visit the Huamantay lake is during the dry months, since the Humantay Lake is located in the Villcabamba mountains and the climate is temperate.

It is the best time to visit during the dry months.

The best time to visit Humantay Lake is MAY – NOVEMBER

The Best time to visit of the year to visit the Humantay Lake is from May to November, since there is no rain or thunder and the climate is temperate. where we can take impressive pictures and enjoy the spectacular nature freely, since in these seasons you can see a radiant sunb.

It is recommended at this time of the year to bring sunscreen, a cap, and sunglasses. The sun can be irritating to the skin

Humantay lake best time

Non-Recommended Times to Visit Humantay Lake

Between the months of December to April it is not so advisable to visit the Humantay Lagoon, during these months they have rain and they become a nuisance during the tour.

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