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Most people choose to buy machu picchu tickets online, what is the reason? That way they avoid running the risk of not finding a machu picchu ticket available for last minute reservations. Know how to buy step by step.

Machu Picchu Tickets Price

Machu Picchu santuary tickets

Machu Picchu Main Grounds

  • Adult: $42 USD
  • Student: $23 USD
  • Child (8 - 17 years) : $21 USD

This provides entry to Machu Picchu – that is, the main ruins, terraces, and temples that you see in typical photos (pictured above, left). It does  not provide entry to climb either of the mountain peaks including Machu Picchu Mountain or Huayna Picchu.

Machu Picchu Main and Machu Picchu Mountain

Machu Picchu & Machu Picchu Mountain

  • Adult: $62 USD
  • Student: $38 USD
  • Child (8 - 17 years) : $35 USD

This provides entry to climb the taller mountain, Montaña Machu Picchu, which is 10,111ft/3,082m and provides a raised view of the ruins (pictured above, middle). This mountain is generally less busy, but has no ruins and is a longer climb. You must choose between 2 time slots to climb, either 7-8AM or 9-10AM.

Machu Picchu Main and Haynapicchu mountain

Machu Picchu & Huayna Picchu (Waynapicchu)

  • Adult: $62 USD
  • Student: $38 USD
  • Child (8 - 17 years) : $35 USD

This provides entry to the shorter, busier mountain peak, Huayna Picchu (8,923ft/2,720m). Here you'll have sweeping views (pictured above, right) and entry to the Temple of the Sun and ruins at the top. You must choose between 2 time slots to climb, 7-8AM or 10-11AM.

Buy Machu Picchu tickets online

1) Official web site to buy machu picchu tickets

To buy the tickes to macho picchu we will go to official website of purchase of tickets.

Be patient as the page loads slowly.

official web site machu picchu tickets
Buy Tickets online - Official Web Site

2) Select the date

First select the date. Adults are over 18 years old, children are under 18 years old, students include their original building and passport, valid and issued by the university and valid until 25 years old. Student tickets can be booked online with a travel agent or at the office in Cusco.

Select data for your buy tickets of machu picchu online

3) Places and Times

Then choose the times and sites with and/or Machu Picchu Mountain , Huayna Picchu

Select time a Places to buy machu picchu tickes

4) Information

Enter the data exactly as it is in your passport then check the box to "confirm that the visitor's information is correct", then scroll down and check the box to accept the terms and conditions.

You must then complete the remaining information; be sure to enter an email address that you use, as this is where your receipt will be sent. Choose your payment method and press continue. Then complete your payment details. Remember, if you are not using a non-U.S. transaction fee card, you may be paying up to 3% in additional fees, so it is best to sign up for a card in advance, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.
Once your purchase is complete (or at least you have entered your email address), you will receive an email with your tickets that includes a reservation number

Click on the "register" button on the home page and enter your reservation number there. From there you can save and print your tickets, or complete the payment if you have not already done so. Don't forget to save and print your tickets for safekeeping. It's a good idea to save them on a USB stick for backup in case of problems with Wifi.

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